Growing up in the small fishing town of Seward, Alaska gave me the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful world we are surrounded by in a different light. I am someone that will encourage you to go out of your comfort zone, go hike in the woods, jump in a waterfall, make a fire and dance until you can't anymore. Share yourself and your stories with me and I would love to share mine with you! My home, gave me the ability to see in a unique way as well as be content about the natural flow in which things occur, this is what gives my work personality because I believe this is how my photography is represented. The wedding photography I shoot is filled with natural light, vibrant colors, and organic moments with a laid back and fun atmosphere. Although I am willing to capture all of the "special moments" that are known to be in a wedding, I also let the magic happen on its own and just happen to be in the right place at the right time. As a photographer, I explore other aspects of work which supports my creative thinking and artists processes.